Christmas Party 12.19.12

Today we spent our school Christmas party in a grand way. Well, I find it grand because when I planned the parties in my previous job, we were rather humble in terms of food and program. This time, everything seemed to be in excess—love and affection, gifts, and food. This has, so far, been the most enjoyable Christmas party I’ve attended.

We started the day with a short interaction with our advisory classes, where I introduced a pass-the-message game with a twist which the students enjoyed alot. After which, we prepared for the Christmas program. Previously, I was commissioned to be one of the Three Kings for the Belen scene because I was Religion teacher. It was fun wearing the Sutana. At least one of my dreams were fulfilled for a couple of hours.


Joel, DJ, Me.

After the program, we dismissed the kids and we then waited for the faculty and staff lunch to begin. Knowing that it was our beloved Director’s last time to attend the Christmas party, we took advantage and helped ourselves with some pictures with him.


It was a hearty meal although we had to wait for a while before we lined up. While enjoying the food, there were raffle draws on some minor and major prizes. It was funny how the items being raffled away seem to come from one of the parents’ businesses. Anyway, after some hilarious parlor games between teams from the Central Admin, High School, and Grade school departments, we returned to the faculty to drop off some gifts and giveaways. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the intimate hall where there was some dancing involved. I joined for a bit but the music just didn’t get my dancing shoes on. 

After the program had ended, our Director gave out surprises and finally gave a beloved Jesuit Priests a farewell message. Fr. Guy is a person who just seems to have an unlimited space in his heart for all kinds of people. He needs to leave because he needs to continue his tertianship. Best of luck to him!



As I packed my things home, I realized how heavy the bags were. This got me reflecting because for the past few weeks I’ve been carrying heavy grocery bags, heavy Christmas gifts, and heavy house utilities. But as I carried my heavy bags filled with personalized gifts from students and extra food from the event, I felt light-hearted. It was the first time I was bringing home so many things after a Christmas party.

I’ve been carrying “heavy” bags lately because I’m blessed. I was blessed to be able to afford more than what I need.  I was blessed to have very thoughtful co-teachers and students. I was blessed in making the decision to teach in this school. Maybe I wasn’t just bringing home new things or goodies. Maybe, this time around, I’m bringing home the kind of joy I’ve been searching for a long while. And it feels good.

Till my next post!


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