Xavier School Fair ’12-’13 Xcalibur


The only time I’ve ever attended a school fair here in Metro Manila was when I supervised a gaming booth in Xavier School San Juan. Regardless of the novelty of experience, I had fun. You can tell by the complexion I after baking under the sun. 


It was refreshing to see my students (or my kids) spend the day in school and not have to study or cram for academic requirements. It was refreshing to watch them in comfortable attire and in their “natural environment” as they brought along their trophy flings and state-of-the-art gadgets. I guess boys will be boys: showing off what they have for others to envy on.


The booth that we supervised gained a healthy amount of income considering the game was pretty simple and it attracted people from all ages. The great thing about our booth was that we had a portable speaker which my students made good use of. Apparently, I have lot of DJ’s-to-be in the class (If only they spoke as spontaneously in class!).


One of the highlights of my Fair experience was my students’ insistence that they take a picture with me. This was really flattering because I guess that meant they liked me somehow. Admittedly, yes, I enjoy the attention and the appreciation. But who doesn’t? Quoting what Alfie Kohn mentioned, teachers wouldn’t have taken their careers if they didn’t crave some form of attention. I’m just living up to the expectations!


Just like these soon-to-be condominiums, I’m still building my career as a teacher. Maybe being a teacher is more than just being the authority in class. Maybe being a teacher is learning how to work from the sidelines so that these students can shine on their own. Although, yes, I was very directive on the day I supervised the booth, but the direction allowed them to work on their main goal: to raise funds for the charity projects of the school.

All in all it was a fruitful two days. I look forward to the next one!


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