Why Do We Do What We Do


Why do you do what you do?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a Vocation is a feeling of being suitable or being coherent with a particular task or occupation. Most of the time, a vocation is less concerned about what it can receive in return, and more concerned about fulfilling what is meant to be fulfilled. Although this is more commonly applied in Religious vows, this can also apply to what we do and what our lifestyle is. Maybe a few examples can help:


What does a woman get out of being a mother?


What does a medical professional get out of his job?


What does a soldier get out of defending his country?

Some might consider a vocation as a “Call of Duty” of some sort. The only consolation you get in fulfilling a vocation is that you knew you were supposed to do it, and you did. Even if you were compensated better to do other things, you will still not feel compensated at all. You do what you do because that is you–that is who you are. There is no better reflection of  your Self than what you are doing, your lifestyle. A vocation, then, is not just a fulfillment of a task but a fulfillment of who you are. This probably explains why people feel discontented with their lives because they are not filling themselves with who they are.

What about you? What is your vocation? What is that one thing you should do because you know that at the deepest recesses of your soul, that is what you are meant to do?

Why do we do what we do? It’s probably because that’s who we are.

Photos Taken from: My Camera and from Pinterest – Motherhood Doctor – Soldier


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