My Time Will Come


Someday I will be epic beyond measure.

People know me to be someone who’s random, passionate, loud, serious, reckless, and all the other extreme adjectives you could come up with. If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s normal. I’m pretty memorable because I make it a point to stand out. I’ve been accused of being an attention-whore and a pretty careless guy, but that’s what happens when you keep burning with passion. It’s who I am. How I wish I could control it like light switch–but I can’t.

I’ve always believed that many realities in life involve a tension between opposites. You can’t get the pros without cons. Although my being passionate about living life has its ups, it definitely has its downs. I can rally the people and ignite a flame in them through my fiery speeches and animated gestures. But I also burn out very quickly—like a firework. Also, as a result of burning out, I often lose focus on what I do and end up not finishing anything. It’s a roller coaster and I love it.

I try to live everyday to the fullest. If I cry, I make sure I cough my heart out. If I laugh, I’ll make sure it reaches the moon. If I’m happy, I’ll make sure you’re infected by it. If I’m in love, you’ll never want to be with anyone else. It’s in living in these extremes that I make my way to becoming epic.

It’s no surprise that I have an ambition such as this because I grew in the shadows of epic individuals:

  1. My Grand Father, Gen. Manuel Mercado (Ret), fought off the Japanese in the mountains of Bicol back in the second world war. After which, he aspired and achieved becoming the few Filipino fighter pilots who flew, at the time, one of the most advanced American Supersonic Jet Fighters, the F-86 Sabre. He is one of the few Pinoys who traveled faster than the speed of sound!
  2. Fr. Dacanay, SJ. If you deliberately took his class back in college, you were probably crazy. For this man, a B is an achievement! If you took an all ORAL TEST during the semester, you came out a more valiant soul.
  3. Fr. Johnny Go. SJ. He is probably one of the best directors of Xavier School that ever walked this planet. He created a Life of P.I.—puro innovations (hehe!)–in Xavier which placed it on the map. And, he’s one of the few priests who makes memorable and meaningful homilies! The kind of homilies you’d keep with you even after the mass has ended.

I could list more people but I wouldn’t want you to bore with those. My conclusion, I have been raised epic individuals who, whether they are aware of this or not, have left a lasting impact in my existence. What could be a better way to affirm these people of their influence in my life than becoming an epic person like them? What better reward for them receive than to watch me outpace, outgun, and outperform them?

Ideal as I maybe, I’d rather be disappointed trying to live a life I knew I could and should be living, rather than be disappointed living a life full of what-if’s.

The horizon is hither! Away we go!

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