On The Need To Be Needed


How different will your life be if you found out you weren’t important? Continue reading


On Being Overwhelmed By Fear

Startled and Terrified

What are you so afraid of?

How many times have we let our fears get in the way of our happiness?

As far as I know, if there’s one thing so clear in our mind, so close to our desires, so much a reflection of who want to be, then why do we take the leap? If this one pursuit is worth everything in our lives, why are we holding back? Are our fears really that immense that they overshadow our hopes? Have we ever honestly confronted our fears and gazed at them at their real sizes? Fear has a way of exaggerating reality. Reality is surprisingly less grand than we actually think. Continue reading

Consoling Silence


We take your consoling silence for granted.

Your presence, your silence, your gentle eyes are the safest sanctuaries our souls could confide with. Even for just a moment, we could be ourselves—vulnerable and hurt—with you. Our tragedies, as poorly expressed by our words, find no better rest than in your arms, in your easy eyes, in your space. How relieving it is to share what hurts us the most with someone who knew exactly what to do with it: nothing. Seldom do we run to you for solutions, but for comfort. We find comfort in your deliberate choice to listen and let us do the talking. Continue reading

On Leaving the Boat Behind


We are all seafarers in this world, but when do we know that the very boat we stand upon could be the last hindrance to reaching our shores?

No matter where we come from, who we are, what we do, or who we are becoming, we are on our way to where we are supposed to be. Often, we find ourselves in the sea, on our boats, swimming with the tides and the waves. Our boats are what keep us from drowning; what keep us from getting drenched by the endless sea. These rafts are what will get us to where we are supposed to be. Everyday we check on these vehicles, scanning for signs of weaknesses and maintenance. Clearly these boats have seen sunny and gloomy days. Storms and gales have even ripped through one of our sails and yet we push on to an ever fleeting horizon ahead. Our rudders have become brittle with all the maneuvering admidst the monstrous waves. Our cabins have been filled with sea water, drenching our inner and most intimate spaces. And yet we push on, further than we could have ever imagined. Continue reading