Consoling Silence


We take your consoling silence for granted.

Your presence, your silence, your gentle eyes are the safest sanctuaries our souls could confide with. Even for just a moment, we could be ourselves—vulnerable and hurt—with you. Our tragedies, as poorly expressed by our words, find no better rest than in your arms, in your easy eyes, in your space. How relieving it is to share what hurts us the most with someone who knew exactly what to do with it: nothing. Seldom do we run to you for solutions, but for comfort. We find comfort in your deliberate choice to listen and let us do the talking.

Other times, we come to you with no words to share and yet there is comfort in it. Somehow, with you just being there, that was enough; even too much at times. What have I done to deserve your company, your peaceful presence? Remember the time when we just walked without speaking? We walked a mile, then two, yet there were no words exchange. Something beyond words kept us quiet because that was sacred space. There was something between that words would only violate if expressed. Our walks often change me. Your silence consoles.

At times we would call in the middle of the day just to share how our favorite sports team/player won the game, or how we saw our happy crushes today, or how we loved the fact that work/school was called off, or how we were in the middle of our work when suddenly some random, brilliant but insignificant idea crossed our mind and we just wanted to share it with you. In these times, did we ever ask how you were doing, how you were feeling, how your day was going? Did we ever just call you up to ask how things are with you? Did it ever bother us that there might be some things you’d want to share as well?

Please find comfort in knowing that you are loved, that you are important; that you are significant in our living. Please take comfort in the fact that we would rather choose you to confide with than anyone else because it is with you where we find peace. It is with you where we find our little place to just be vulnerable and escape a judgmental world. Please know that you are loved.

With all the gratitude a person could offer, here’s ours, friend.

Your silence is precious, but not as precious as you are.

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