Closures and Photos

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It’s bittersweet: I want a break but I don’t want to be distant from friends; more so not see some when I come back. No amount of ceremonies could ever dampen the sting of parting. All I have now is the comfort of knowing that this heart’s sting is evidence of a heart that loved fully. Perhaps, this is what living is about: loving fully. Thank you Xavier School for a colourful school year!

It’s been two years since I was hired and I’ve felt nothing short of love. There’s something about this school. From the speeches of the best teacher awardees, coming to Xavier was accident—an unplanned event in their lives, yet, this unexpected twist turned for the better. Even my favourite professors in college once taught in this school. There’s a certain kind of magic that is unfolding here that makes me want to stay and see what happens next.

The last day of the school year was a day of closures: teachers leaving for whatever reasons, colleagues transferring to other assignments, leaders moving to different levels, and desks being emptied of past assessments and documents. The day was filled with people exchanging kind and parting words with each other and getting through the day. I was not exempted from bidding good friends farewell. How I wish I had another year to spend with them. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to learn to love the others as much as I have cared for them.

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Our principal gave a wonderfully heartfelt but very emotional message to the rest of the community. The normally jolly, quick-witted and enthusiastic administrator was left choking from her own tears as she read her letter. She will be missed sorely—at least I would.

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This summer break is a much needed one. It’s time to recharge, recollect, and reconnect. Hopefully by the time we get back, we’re refreshed, renewed, and fully motivated in making our students the beacons that this dimming world needs.


Disclaimer: I took all the photos except for my photo with the Principal.


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